History of our Houses


Why we introduced them.

In 2009 our pupil survey told us that the children would like more sports teams. As we already entered teams in just about every competition we could find we did not immediately have an answer to this. Then, whilst reflecting on what the features of a traditional school were, the penny dropped.


How the names were chosen.

In autumn 2010 we invited parents to make suggestions of what our houses should be called. Many of the suggestions were inspired, but one reoccurring theme appeared. A number of parents suggested that the houses adopted the names of the former mills which had, historically played a major role in village life and were, to an extent, a forgotten part of our heritage.

Later that year we held a ballot in which every pupil voted for their favourites from a shortlist of these. The winners being Highfield, Philadelphia and Troydale.




Philadelphia (also known as St.Bernard's).



Troydale (pictured on the right).

Troydale Mill can be seen on the right of the photo.


Tell us what you know about these mills.

If you have any information on the history of these mills we'd be delighted if you could share it with us by submitting the contact form below. You can also visit the local history section of our website to view our growing collection of old photographs, documents and maps.


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