Year 6 

 Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

Welcome to Year 6

We have two classes in Year 6:

Class 6AR: Miss Roclawski

Class 6NR: Mr Ryan 

Please check this page regularly for updates on what we have been doing in class during the week, important updates and reminders and information about upcoming topics and events.

Year 6 Blog


a.roclawski on: Year 6 Blog

Hello all,

In year 6 this term we have taken inspiration from a fantastic group of musicians, "The Landfillarmonic Orchestra"!

They are group of "Trashkids" from Paraguay who play instruments completely made from foraged rubbish from the dump they live on.

The instruments have changed their lives, as you can see from the video below.

We are going to be looking closely at single use plastic, recycling and creating a sustainable world.

Our main objective in music is to create and play our own "trash" instruments!

By next Thursday (6.1.19) please can you collect as much clean recycling or containers that you would normally bin for us to use?

Thank you so much!

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German Afternoon

a.roclawski on: Year 6 Blog


In year 6 today we have been learning about German colours and their names.

The children have played Bingo, coloured by number and can now tell you their Leiblingsfaber (favourite colour!)

Your children can now introduce themselves in German, hold a basic conversation, tell you the days of the week and count!

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SATs Information Meeting Notes 15th January

a.roclawski on: Year 6 Blog

Here is any information you missed if you were not able to attend the KS2 SATs Meeting.

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SATs Parent Meeting and 1:1 Consultations

a.roclawski on: Year 6 Blog

Just a little reminder that our Y6 SATs meetings will take place tomorrow (15.1.19) at 3:45 and 5:00.

On Wednesday 16th January we have our 1:1 parent consultations between 1pm and 6pm.

If you haven't booked a slot yet, please do.

The link below will take you to the booking system.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you all,

Miss Roclawski and Mr Ryan

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Reading this week

a.roclawski on: Year 6 Blog

Just a small apology for 6AR parents.

It has been a really hectic week and with one thing or another not every child has been listened to by myself.

I will catch up with them early next week.

Apologies again,

Miss Roclawski

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