Welcome to our website.

You'll notice that it's different to our previous site in many ways. The most important change is that it's no longer just about us telling you things that are happening in school. This site is about bringing everyone together by sharing our aspirations, thoughts and ideas.

Useful links for parents 

You can now tell Ofsted directly what you think about Gildersome primary school through Parent View

Our school uniform requirements can be found here

 All forms, including leave of absence, admissions and medical medication, can be downloaded here

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Click here for guidance on how to protect children on Smart Phones

How it works.

We hope the format is easy to use. What you'll notice as the pages develop is that we've inserted many 'comment forms' where everyone can submit their own thoughts, questions and suggestions.

When you submit a comment it will not appear directly on the site. Instead it first goes into a 'moderation folder'. This does not mean that we'll delete any less constructive comments. It's about openly sharing our thoughts and in that spirit we want everyone to have their say, especially on the 'learning blogs'.


Learning Blogs.

Learning blogs are one of the key areas for you to post comments. When you select 'Curriculum' on the menu bar you'll have the option of selecting the learning blog for each class, from there you can select the topic which the children are currently studying.

Before each topic begins, we'll post a brief overview of what the children are going to be learning and how you can get involved and support your children at home. We'll also post details of any trips and special events which we're planning in support of each topic.

As each topic progresses we'll add new content. Where possible we hope to provide this in the form of short video clips and photographs.

Learning blogs are not just open to parents and staff. We hope to encourage everyone connected with our school to join in, especially the children.

Existing features.


Diary Dates

Text Messaging

Snow Closures

E- Mails







Tell us what features you'd like to see.

If you've any suggestions for additional features you'd like to see on the site, fill in the comment form.

We are currently working on providing online support with how to support your child's learning in Maths. These will take the form of video clips which will, where possible, be produced by the children themselves.


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