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Our Nursery class teachers are Mrs Parker and Mrs Richardson.


Please check this page regularly for updates on what we have been doing in class during the week, important updates and reminders and information about upcoming topics and events.

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Pet sale

Anna Head (a.head) on: Nursery Blog

This week we have been reading the book The Great Pet Sale. We have enjoyed drawing komodo dragons outside, wearing the masks to act out the story and using the play dough to make the pets for sale.


A big thank you to everyone who booked an appointment this week to speak about your child's progress.

Reminder: Next week is half term, we hope you have a lovely week and we will see you back at nursery on Monday 25th February.

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Chinese New Year

Anna Head (a.head) on: Nursery Blog

We have been talking about Chinese New Year this week. We have been using chopsticks, exploring the red rice, painting Chinese symbols, writing menu's and making traditional Chinese hats.


We made fortune biscuits together and wrote a special message to go with them.


We danced with the Chinese dragon outside and sang our Chinese dragon song as we played with the parachute. Mrs Parker made some noodles for us to try and we thought they were delicious!


Reminder: Next week is a 4 day week as Friday 15th February is a training day. 

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Unusual pets!

Anna Head (a.head) on: Nursery Blog

We have been looking at unusual pets this week. We have had a pet shop in the role play area where we have been going shopping and buying food and toys for our pets. We have also enjoyed using the play dough to make snakes, placed feathers on a light box parrot, used shapes to make repeating patterns on different sized snakes, done some cutting to make a split pin parrot and using the construction materials outside to make a cage for an unusual pet.


Mrs Richardson brought Marshall the tortoise to visit us on Thursday. The children enjoyed hearing all about him and some were brave enough to give him a stroke.


We were all excited that our plants had grown over the weekend into beautiful daffodils. We used the different mark making materials to draw them.


 We have been looking at different shapes and then went on a shape hunt around the nursery.


Reminder: An email has been sent out to all parents regarding nursery parents evening on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th February. Please follow the link to make an appointment if you wish to meet with the teacher. 

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Anna Head (a.head) on: Nursery Blog

We have been talking about rabbits this week. We read the book of the week 'Who's afraid of the big bad Bunny?' We then received a very exciting letter from the big bad bunny himself! The children really enjoyed writing a letter back to him. 

We have also been busy making play dough rabbits, using the craft materials to create a rabbit hutch, finding carrots in the sand and outdoor area, putting the correct amount of carrots in the numbered plant pots and rescuing some animals from a 'swamp'.


We are so pleased with how the children have settled into Nursery this term. They are all making good choices and playing sensibly with the Nursery equipment.

Mrs Parker has brought us some plants into nursery this week. The children discussed what they may grow into if we keep watering them, we are all excited to see!


Reminder: Nursery class photo Tuesday 29th January.

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Anna Head (a.head) on: Nursery Blog

We have had a busy week in Nursery talking all about cats! The children have enjoyed drawing cats, using the dice to play a cat number game, making cats with the play dough, cutting out cats and putting them in size order and also making a paper plate cat. On the finger gym we have been threading the cats whiskers and we have been getting messy in the gloop drawing shapes and cats. 



We have also been reading the book of the week 'Tom's cat'. The children have enjoyed searching the outdoor area for Tom's cat.


We have loved seeing Bucka the cat this week in nursery. She was a little timid in the morning but very confident to let all the children stroke her in the afternoon. 

Thank you Mrs Hughes for bringing her in to see us. :-) 


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