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The Governing Body

Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

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For more information on being a governor, please have a look at the following links:

National Governance Association

Inspiring Governance 


The Governing Body is responsible for overseeing the management of the school and is responsible for ensuring that legal and education requirements placed on the school are appropriately met.

The key focus of the Governing Body in recent years has continued to be on the raising of core education standards, whilst maintaining the school's outstanding approach to whole child development - thereby ensuring our children have the best possible foundation for secondary school education and life as young adults.  Our aspiration is to be an outstanding school for the children of Gildersome.

In the interests of safeguarding, all members of the Governing Body have to have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DDS) check and a Section 128 check at the start of their membership.

Code of Conduct

The Governing Body of Gildersome Primary School operates under the guidance of the Code of Conduct recommended by Leeds City Council.  A copy of the Code of Conduct can be found here

Instrument of Government

A copy of the Instrument of Government can be downloaded from here.


Our Governing Body is made up of 14 Governors, consisting of the Headteacher, one member of the teaching staff, two parents, one individual appointed by the Local Authority and nine members of the wider community.

A full membership list can be downloaded below under 'Additional Information'. 

Chair of the Governing Body

The current Chair of the Governing Body, Mr David Tobin, is a Co-opted Governor. The Vice-chair  is Alastair Connell. 

Click here to contact our Chair of Governors.


In addition to statutory committees required by law, Governors have established two sub-committees to coordinate and manage the work of the Governing Body.  The committees, together with their Chairs are as follows:

  • Resources: Chair - Alastair Connell
  • Pupil Support: Chair - Sue Schofield

We currently have a Joint Review Group (JRG) committee in place of our Teaching and Learning Committee.  The chair of the JRG is David Tobin.

Resources Effectiveness 2020/21

The Resources committee has six members including the Headteacher.  We are also supported by the school business management team.  There is one meeting per term, lasting for up to 2 hours.   Attendance has been high this year despite changes to the membership.  All governors contribute insight and challenge to the discussions both before and during the meeting.

Our agendas are initially based on those supplied by Leeds Governor Support Unit, to ensure all statutory duties are discussed and considered and reported back to the full governing body.  We build in other items that need addressing such as funding decisions or specific topics such as wellbeing as and when needed and a summary of the meeting is shared with the full governors.

This year’s main focus has been to ensure  effective planning and delivery of the budget in  year and  to consider options for the future years, with the expected reduced numbers of children.   A big part of the challenge in 2020-21 has been ensuring the health and safety of children, staff and parents, challenging and supporting on Health and Safety risk assessments, as well as ensuring the right value for money decisions on maintaining school premises, including Boiler and Roof repairs.  The Resources committee engage throughout the budget planning cycle and are increasing the number of budget reviews undertaken each year, in line with national standards.


Pupil Support Effectiveness 2021/22

The pupil support committee has five members including the headteacher.  There is one meeting per term.  Meetings last for up to two hours.  Attendance has been high this year with most members attending all meetings and no members missing more than one.  All governors contribute reports and questions.

Our agendas are based on those supplied by Leeds Governor support to ensure all statutory duties are discussed and considered and reported back to the full governing body.  The agendas are then adapted to include school priorities.

This year’s main focus remained on key priority 1 “to support children and staff in their return to school ensuring that well-being and emotional health are of the highest priority and that disruption to learning is limited.”  The Chair has received training in staff and pupil well-being to support this and committee members have attended well being sessions provided by the LA.  We have also supported the school in retaining healthy schools accreditation and in obtaining a good from the Ofsted inspection.


Joint Review Group Effectiveness 2020/21

Coming soon... 

Committee Meeting Dates 

Full Governing Body

27.09.21, 22.11.21, 28.03.22, 23.05.22 (Budget), 27.06.22 - all meetings start at 5.00pm 

Pupil Support

15.11.21, 21.03.22, 06.06.22 - all meetings start at 2.30pm 


15.11.21, 28.02.22, 16.05.22 - all meetings start at 5.00pm 

Joint Review Group (JRG)

06.12.21, 21.03.22, 11.07.22 - all meetings start at 5.00pm


All meetings are currently being held via Microsoft Teams

Additional Information

Governing Body Details 

Governing Body - Register of Interests

Click here to access Governing Body - Attendance at Meeting - 2021-22

Click here to access Governing Body - Attendance at Meeting - 2020-21

Click here to access Governing Body - Attendance at Meetings - 2019-20

Click here to access Governing Body - Attendance at Meetings  - 2018-19

Click here to access the Governing Body pen sketches to find out who is on our Governing Body. (pending)

Former Governors


full governing body minutes

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