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Gildersome Primary School

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School Meals and Milk 

Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

School Meals

Our school meals are provided by Catering Leeds and are cooked on site every day by the Catering Team.  Click the link below for more information about Catering Leeds and the meals they provide.

A copy of the school menu for the term can also be downloaded below.


School meals for 2020-21 cost £2.30 per day (£11.50 per week), paid in advance via ParentPay.  If you do not have a ParentPay account, please contact the school office and we will provide you with login details.

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a school meal free of charge under the Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme and we would encourage parents to take advantage of this.

Notice Period

We require two weeks notice to switch to/from school meals, this is due to the need for the catering team to order food in advance.  We may occasionally waive this notice period however, this is only in exceptional circumstances (e.g a medical condition) and by prior arrangement with the school office. 

Free School Meals

If you are claiming certain benefits, your child(ren) may also be entitled to free school meals.  To check your eligibility and apply for free school meals click here.

The School Milk Scheme

By registering your child for the school milk scheme they will receive a 189ml (third of a pint) bottle of semi-skimmed milk every day.

How much does it cost?

Every child under the age of five is entitled to FREE school milk.

Every child over the age of five is entitled to milk at a subsidised price of around £15.00 per term.

If your child is eligible for Free School Meals (not the Universal Infant Free School Meals) they are also entitled to free milk.


Why should I register my child?

School milk provides your child with essential nutrients.  It is also rehydrating and energy boosting , helping to bridge the long gap between breakfast and lunch so children stay focused.

Some of the main reasons to drink milk at school can be found here.

How do I register my child?

You can either register online by clicking to Cool Milk logo, download the registration form below or pick up a paper copy of the form from the school office.

If your child is under 5, free milk will continue until the Friday before your child's fifth birthday.  You will receive a payment request from Cool Milk three weeks before this date.  If you would like your child to continue receiving school milk, simply make a payment.

If your child is over 5 you can make an immediate payment if you register online.  If you use a registration form, you will need to wait for a payment request.  


Please note there is a cut off deadline of 5pm on Tuesday for registrations and payment if you would like your child to receive milk the following Monday.

If you need any additional information, please visit the Cool Milk website FAQ's or call them directly on 0333 400 1199.