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Gildersome Primary School

Nurture, Aspire, Achieve



Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

positive rewards

Children learn best when they are absolutely clear of the expectation and we believe that good behaviour is essential to a productive and conducive learning environment where children feel safe and happy.

We have many systems in school to support and encourage children to make the right behaviour choices. The emphasis is on reward and a positive approach supported by engaging, high quality teaching. The behaviour policy is reviewed regularly with the children and with staff to ensure that staff apply a behaviour policy fairly and consistently.

“The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils enjoy school and have positive attitudes to learning.  They try their best, behave well and work with others sensibly.  Classrooms are typically calm, orderly places where pupils feel valued.  Students behave well and their attitudes to learning are positive.  They are courteous, polite and respectful to one another as well as to their teachers and visitors.” OFSTED 2018.


Here are some of the strategies we have in place:

  • House points system – children are divided into 4 houses (currently Neptune, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter). Children receive house points for lots of things: showing positive behaviour, helping others, being polite and using good manners, demonstrating good learning behaviours, showing extra effort, overcoming challenges, volunteering at events etc. Each week, the totals are shared and the winning houses have a non-uniform day at the end of every term as a reward.
  • We follow the ‘Good to be Green’ behaviour system. If children ‘stay on green’ for the week, they have a chance of winning a raffle prize.
  • Each class sets and works towards a class target – the children choose what the class reward would be. Sometimes this may be a film or an art activity for example.
  • At the end of year 6 a child is chosen from each class for the ‘John Bownass Memorial’ award that recognizes a pupil who has gone above and beyond in their time at Gildersome Primary School.
  • Children may be chosen for special rewards such as rewards for attendance and behaviour. These have included trips to activity centres, visits to the theatre and cinema.
  • Every Friday, a child will be chosen from each class to choose something to loan from the week – these are ‘Merit Box’ Winners.
  • The Phase leader for each key stage chooses ‘Always children’ at the end of each term and they have a special event to reward them for always making the right choices in school.
We also have a 'Learning Code' and a 'Behaviour Code' that is reinforced across the school.
behaviour policy

Behaviour Policy