Extra-Curricular Activities


We try to provide as much variety as possible for extra-curricular clubs so the list is constantly changing. The list of activities includes: choir, dance, netball, football, keep healthy club, Spanish club, brass band and multi-sports

Staff are encouraged to volunteer to run out of school activities or clubs. We often have range of clubs for the children, some of them provided by outside organisations. The clubs often change according to season and staff interests.

 We always try to keep the costs to a minimum. Clubs run by school staff are free. Clubs run bu outside agencies are vetted by the lettings team and costs are always scritinised to ensure that they offer good value for money. All external agencies have to have strict DBS procedures in place and must adhere to the school's Child Protection policies. School staff are always on site when an external provider is in school.

We try to offer clubs to all ages at some point during the year.

Some clubs have to follow a 'first-come, first-served' policy if there is a large demand. For further details please see the GPS visits and visitors policy on the policies page.



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Sophie roper(a few years ago)

Looks like year 6 had a great time on pgl and I can't wait to go when I go.

ellie fisher(about a decade ago)

carn't wait for PGL its going to be so fun

Emily kirby year 6(about a decade ago)

Can't wait until PGL wan't to go know!!! And being alone with no parents should be awsome.Emily kirby xxx

Courtney(about a decade ago)

I loved PGL, all the activitys were epic, it was so fun with your friends, instead of having your parents with you 24 7. It was the best thing ever :D

Gemma yr 6(about a decade ago)

Ohh I LOVVVEDDDD PGL. My cabin were singing proper loud at like midnight hilarious!

Harry(about a decade ago)

At Midnight we got al Crankey as I fell Out my bed at PGL to get my Torch LOl Not Fare ,we didn't annoy you!

Georgia(about a decade ago)

PGL was amazing, i wanna go back. It was Awsome. We were singing to annoy the boys lol.

mangi blu(about a decade ago)

i waz going to go to this school but then we chose sevan hills i wish i chose this one now

sushi mokie(about a decade ago)

wow i wish my school could do that

Harry(about a decade ago)

It was Brilliant i agree with Tom 'n' Andrew!!!!! Hope we can Go again in the future With High school :D !!!!

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