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Gildersome Primary School

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At Gildersome Primary we strive to ensure that our children have a sound chronological understanding which allows them to place, discuss and compare periods of history throughout Britain and across the world.

Through enquiry-based learning, children explore historical questions by studying a variety of sources relevant to their age and own life experiences. As they progress through the school, they learn to question these sources and understand how bias can affect people’s views on history and the important factors that have influenced people and place.

Our main aim is to develop a love of learning related to history; to make them curious historians who always strive to learn more and investigate periods of history in great depth.

Long term plan 

Long term plan

Skills progression

Progression of skills

Curriculum Knowledge Map

Curriculum Knowledge Map



These timelines are used by each year group to introduce lessons and helps to reinforce with children, what they have learned before and how it all fits together. Images progress from Year 1 to year 6

What our children say about History at Gildersome Primary School