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Modern Foreign Languages (mfl)


In previous years, teaching and learning of MFL at Gildersome Primary School has been an array of linguistic and cultural delights. Each KS2 year group had an assigned language which had been decided upon by various factors, such as curriculum topics for that year group or high school curriculum, and beyond. Over the course of the academic year, the children would have many language immersion afternoons where they were able to explore and experience their chosen language and culture.

While this was greatly enjoyed by both children and staff, from September 2020 the decision was taken to focus on one language across the whole of KS2 – French. The benefits of focussing on one language at school means that children will receive a more detailed and enriched knowledge and understanding of the French language and culture. Teachers will be better able to track the progress of children in speaking, listening, reading and writing, across year groups and ultimately provide them with a solid foundation in their MFL knowledge for the next chapter in their learning journey.

Our main aim of teaching MFL at Gildersome Primary School is to develop a love and curiosity of foreign language and bolster children in their learning later in life.

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