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Gildersome Primary School

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Religious Education (RE)


RE is vital in educating children about different beliefs, how they impact daily life, celebrations and the communities in which we live. It is important to provide many opportunities for children to share experiences with each other to build up a shared understanding of why things are different for various religions or communities.   Finally it is important that we are all able to accept and acknowledge that we do things differently, have different ideas and beliefs but why they are all important.


long term plan

 Long term plan

skills and knowledge progression

 Progression of skills

In line with DfE guidelines, Gildersome Primary school follows the LA agreed RE syllabus. Assemblies and lessons are broadly Christian in nature but do cover aspects of spiritual, moral and social education including information about other religions. Assemblies end with a prayer/reflection. Children can choose how they wish to participate in this. The school may also visit other places of worship throughout their time in school. We hope parents will support us in educating our children about all religions and developing tolerance and understanding, in line with British Values teaching.

Parents do have the right to withdraw children from assemblies and RE if they feel the need. Please contact the Head Teacher to discuss this further.

What children say about RE at gildersome primary school