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At Gildersome Primary School we teach using the National Curriculum objectives.  We link all our reading lessons to our class novel, which in turn links to our topic question.

Our teaching of reading grows from specific phonics lesson in EYFS and lower KS1, to whole class guided reading across years two to six.  Each day we investigate texts and apply strategies which link to the reading domains and reading skills so that children can develop a strong understanding of the texts they are accessing.

We understand the importance of reading comprehension and all children from Years 2 to 6 complete a level appropriate reading comprehension on a Monday morning.  This encourages children to apply the specific domain skills taught in Guided Reading and develops important test skills which we know are needed throughout school.

At Gildersome Primary School we foster a whole school approach to reading and our love of books is visible in every classroom as well as around the school environment.

Children are encouraged to read for pleasure and are offered a wide variety of texts and genres to choose from and share.  We encourage this love of reading through cosy reading corners and word rich environments.  We read for pleasure with every child in school several times a week to nurture the joy of listening to an adult read.

We insist that all children have access to a personal reading book which is tailored to their current level of reading.  These books are meticulously chosen by experienced practitioners who understand the development of reading and know the needs of the specific children in their care.  We actively involve parents and carers in the reading development process and offer advice or support to them through meetings, blog posts and information leaflets.  Where possible we follow The Oxford Reading Tree scheme, however, we understand that specific children may need access to other schemes depending on their needs.

curriculum progression 

 Reading Progression Map - Whole School 

What our children say about reading at Gildersome Primary School
books to read

Below is a listed of 50 suggested books to read for each year group.  Click the image for the relevant year group below to view the list.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 5 

Year 4

Year 6

our school library

Our fantastic library sits at the heart of Gildersome Primary School, right in the centre of our school.

It is a space we are incredibly proud of, and all our pupils love having the opportunity to visit to choose a book, listen to a story or just relax and read.

Our brightly decorated walls feature familiar characters from some of our favourite stories and poems. Everyone who visits comments on how colourful and inviting our wonderful library is.

Our shelves are stocked with a large variety of both fiction and non-fiction books and we are constantly updating our library with the help of the generous donations from our PTA.

Our school librarians are all UKS2 pupils who share a passion for reading and sharing books. They are carefully chosen individuals who promote the Gildersome Primary love of reading which runs through every classroom.

Our head librarian is Evie W from class 6AR.

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