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Hall of Fame (Last 4 weeks)

Posted: Jan 28, 2021 by: Laura Berry-Simpson (l.berry) on: Maths Blog

I am really sorry that this has not been updated recently but we will be back to weekly updates from this week!


Times Tables Rock Stars

Year 1

Most active player – Hannah H

Most improved player – Amber B

Year 2 

Most active player – Hugo R

Most improved player – Jake T

Year 3 

Most active player – Isla M

Most improved player – Aazan J

Year 4 

Most active player – Jay-Jay S

Most improved player – Jay-Jay S

Year 5 

Most active player – Kaden R

Most improved player – Elliot T

Year 6 

Most active player – Daniel F

Most improved player – Daniel F


Most active class – 6AR

Quickest class – 4J




Most active player – Isabelle H

Most improved player – Darby S

Year 1 

Most active player – Amber B

Most improved player – Hannah H

Year 2 

Most active player – Lucy O

Most improved player – Hugo R

Year 3

Most active player – Sienna R

Most improved player – Olly H


Most active class – RT


Children who have earned certificates over this period…

Isabelle H, Savannah R, Hugo R, Jessie S, Freya F, Irwin L, Zac C, Olly H, Isabel B, Amber B, Millie-Rose C, Kaiber S, Hannah H, Aidan Q, Cerys M, Sienna R, Darby S, Thomas M, Isla M, Eloise A, Christina G, Jay-Jay S, Isla C, Jack A, Sophie F, Katie T, Klein D, Daniel F, Daniel F, Jasper H, Max C, Freya H and Kian J. Well done everyone :)

A special mention for Jay-Jay S who is now a Rock Hero, less than 1 second for any Times Tables or Division Facts question and is now the fastest child in school in just Year 4! Amazing Jay-Jay, I wonder if anyone can catch you?!


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