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Nurture, Aspire, Achieve


Year 6 

 Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

Welcome to Year 6

We have two classes in Year 6:

Class 6AR: Miss Roclawski

Class 6NR: Mr Ryan 

Please check this page regularly for updates on what we have been doing in class during the week, important updates and reminders and information about upcoming topics and events.

Year 6 Blog

Bake Off Bonanza!

a.roclawski on: Year 6 Blog

Year 6 really rose to the challenge (pun intended) and created some absolutely gorgeous bakes!

We had entries that ranged from stunning pies, gooey brownies to colourful cakes!

It made us very hungry looking at all the magnificent entries-but sadly due to lock down we couldn't taste any of them!

Miss Roclawski put all entries to a public vote on Facebook and it was a total hit, with every bake getting lots of votes. 

However, there could only be one winner!

Erin made a beautiful cake that looked like a watermelon and it was definitely a crowd pleaser!

In joint second place were Lexi and Tygii with a scrummy oreo cake and a hidden surprise cake!

In third place with the most scrumptious chocolate feast was Grace!

Well done ladies! Super work!

Well done to all our entrants - we were really impressed!

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The Great Year 6 Bake Off

a.roclawski on: Year 6 Blog

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Isla Everdeen!

a.roclawski on: Year 6 Blog

Hello all!

It is so nice to hear of all the wonderful things you have been getting up to during our time away from school!

Isla has been reading all of The Hunger Games books (if you haven't read them you must!) and has become Leeds' very own Katniss Everdeen!

Look at the size of that tree!

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Erin I - Blog Post

a.roclawski on: Year 6 Blog

Life in quarantine has good bits and bad bits .

It has been hard only talking to my friends virtually and not being able to see friends and family in person. It just feels like I’m trapped and cornered in the walls of my own house.

I miss my teachers , and I miss my school , and just the thought of waking up the next day an not actually going to school makes me feel agitated.

Also I love going outside and going to the local park or on walks on public reserves but quarantine has had the consequence of not being able to do my favourite things.

There is a limited amount of things that are good about quarantine , but some  of the good things about quarantine are: that at break I’m allowed to do things like colour or read and stay inside out of the cold ( at the moment it isn’t that cold though but it has been ) Also another one of the good things is that I can do other lessons at home that include my family , at school we don’t get to do lessons with my family and I get to see them a lot more.

In quarantine I have been doing a lot of indoor activities like reading, art, colouring and more. I have also been doing some garden activities such as playing on the playground , going on the trampoline  , going in the hot tub, planting vegetables and more.

I'm keeping busy by doing as much as I can every day like doing chalk on the road and drawing rainbows for NHS and keeping myself as busy as possible.


Quarantine life is interesting and definitely a new experience to be in. It has taught me to know how lucky I am to have a school to go to and friends and family to visit. But if I had an opportunity to go through this again it would definitely be a straight up no. - Erin

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Oliver R - Blog Post

a.roclawski on: Year 6 Blog

In this blog I will tell you about how life in quarantine has good bits and bad bits.

First of all, I think I have become closer to my family a lot recently, because being cooped up indoors means we are all living together and that means we have more time to speak to each other.

When we go back to normal way of living, I think that we will forget that we need to spend more time with each other.

I have tried my hand at baking; recently I have made brownies and scones! It was a fun experience for me and my mum. I have borrowed my bro’s PS4 (with permission) and tried that, I like it so much! (I am waiting for the PS5 to come out so I can buy it.)


I’ve been keeping busy by watching films and drawing as well as baking. One of the films I’ve watched was Honey I Blew Up the Kids which I recommend watching if you are bored.


I am missing lots of things, even things I thought I would never miss, things I take for granted as well, like seeing my grandparents or going to school, there’s one thing that I will take from this and thing is to never take things for granted.


I actually think that having a birthday in quarantine isn’t as bad as it’s cut out to be. I had my birthday in quarantine, I enjoyed it massively. It still felt special and I think that it could have easily been one of my favourite birthdays that I have had in a long time.


When I am doing schoolwork my dad and mum are usually doing their work so it’s not so bad as I am not alone. I have a set time to do everything so that I can keep on track and focus.


By Oliver R


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