Year 6 

 Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

Welcome to Year 6

We have two classes in Year 6:

Class 6AR: Miss Roclawski

Class 6NR: Mr Ryan 

Please check this page regularly for updates on what we have been doing in class during the week, important updates and reminders and information about upcoming topics and events.

Year 6 Blog

Knowledge Organiser Spring Term

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The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

a.roclawski on: Year 6 Blog

Today we were incredibly lucky to be visited by Adam (Sophie's bother) and Dena from the charity The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

20 year old Sophie, and her boyfriend Rob, were brutally attacked in August 2007 by five teenagers on their walk home one night. Tragically Sophie lost her life as a result of the attack, and Rob was very seriously injured.

The young couple were attacked because of the way they dressed and the Gothic culture they embraces.  

Sophie's mother Sylvia set up the charity after Sophie's death in the hope that educating children about the prejudice people face on a day to day basis, would stop this horrendous inceident happeneding to any body else. 

During the visit the children in both classes were given activities to complete around first impressions, friendship choices and judging individuals by how they look and dress. They then listened to Adam as he explained Sophie's story and were given the opportunity to ask questions in and open and safe environment. 

I can't stress how incredible all the children were. The levels of maturity and understanding were outstanding and I was so proud.

Dena and Adam, who have visited countless schools over the years, were stunned by how fantastic the children were and have asked for our follow up work to be sent to them to be used in an educational study they have coming up. 

Please talk to your child about the work they have done today. I hope that the activities will encourage our pupils to move through life with a more accepting and understanding outlook on life. 

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Christmas Fair Donations

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This year we are having bargain gift stall at the Christmas Fair. 

Year 6 will be selling a variety of Christmas gifts for all ages for the cost of between 50p to £2.

If you have any items that could be donated it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance. 

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Homework in Year 6

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Just a quick note about homework in Year 6. 

Below is the DFE guidelines for amount of homework children should receive in primary schools.

In year 6 the weekly homework consists of:

15 minutes reading per night (school books and/or home book) This must be recorded in their reading records.

A literacy task. (sometimes on line)

A maths task (times table rock stars or SATs Companion)

Every half term your children will also be given a project based homework about their topic question.

Sanctions for not doing homework:

Not reading at home they must spend 15 minutes of their lunch reading.

Homework missed on day due in - note in planner

Homework missed on day after due date - stay in for half an hour to complete.

Many thanks, 

Miss Roclawski and Mr Ryan

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Information from Week 1 Welcome Meeting

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