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Our Nursery class teachers are Mrs Parker and Mrs Richardson.


Please check this page regularly for updates on what we have been doing in class during the week, important updates and reminders and information about upcoming topics and events.

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Changes in food

Anna Head (a.head) on: Nursery Blog

We have been thinking about food and how food can be changed this week. The children have mashed potatoes, melted Jelly and crushed tomatoes. The children have enjoyed making ice creams, threading pasta, making playdough pizzas and writing the different ways we can change a potato.



We made banana smoothies! They tasted delicious!


We hope you can join us on Friday 19th July for our end of Nursery show. 

Morning 11:00am

Afternoon 2:45pm

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Anna Head (a.head) on: Nursery Blog

This week in Nursery we have been thinking about growing and how we change in our lives. We have read the book 'I'm growing', labelled our body parts, made our faces at the craft table, drawn around our bodies and looked after the babies in the baby clinic.


Our butterflies have all emerged from their cocoons this week! We looked closely at the cocoons and gave the butterflies some fruit and sugar syrup until they were ready to be released. 


Some of our Reception children came to talk to us this week. They told us about all the amazing things they do and how much fun our older children will have in September. They answered all our questions and spoke with confidence, Well done guys!


We joined in with Sports week and all tried our best to complete lots of laps of the school field!


We hope you can join us at the school fair this Saturday 6th July, 12-2pm.

Come and have a go on our hook a duck game!

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Tadpole's promise

Anna Head (a.head) on: Nursery Blog

This week we have been reading the book 'Tadpole's promise.' The children have been counting the correct number of frogs onto lily pads, colouring rainbow butterflies, using the tweezers to get jewels on the lily pads and we have learnt about the life cycle of a frog.



Our caterpillars are growing! They are nearly at the cocoon stage! We went to explore our courtyard this week. We saw some newts swimming around in the pond!


We hope to see you on Sunday at the Gildersome Scarecrow Trail. Look out for Humpty Dumpty!

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Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow

Anna Head (a.head) on: Nursery Blog

This week in nursery we have been talking about scarecrows. We have been practising our cutting making split pin characters, cutting around the shapes and designing a farm. Our scarecrow for the Gildersome Scarecrow Trail is now finished! We hope you can come along and see it.


We hope you liked your Father's Day cards, the children really enjoyed making them.


We have been practising some songs for a special performance on Friday 19th July! A letter will be going home soon with more details.

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The very hungry caterpillar

Anna Head (a.head) on: Nursery Blog

The children were amazing at our Sports Day on Tuesday, we are so proud of how hard they tried in all the races. Thank you for your support and joining in with the adult’s race!


This week we have been reading the book 'The very hungry caterpillar.' The children have enjoyed colouring pictures, painting symmetrical butterflies, exploring other insects and finding them outside. We have talked in detail about the life cycle of the caterpillar with the children and we have been sequencing pictures to show how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

We had a special delivery on Thursday, the children were delighted to open the package and find five little caterpillars! We are looking forward to watching them grow. 



Nursery are making a scarecrow to be part of the Gildersome Scarecrow festival. The children have helped to get this started with some messy papier mache, I wonder what it is going to be...... Why not come along on Sunday 23rd June to find out!


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