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 Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

Welcome to Reception 

We have two classes in Reception:

Class RS: Mrs Smart

Class RT: Mrs Turner 


PE Day: Wednesday/Thursday


Please check this page regularly for updates on what we have been doing in class during the week, important updates and reminders and information about upcoming topics and events.

Reception Blog

Home Learning WC 18.01.21

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

Week 3 of Home Learning.

We have all had another busy week with lots of children accessing all the live lessons and showing us how hard they are working at home through tapestry.

In phonics we have learnt 2 new phonemes igh and oa. We've read and wrote words and sentences with these sounds in and learnt the tricky words you and they.


Tommy even made his own footprint trail with his tricky words.



We are doing the same work in school too.

In Maths we have been learning all about number 7 and answering number sentence problems.



In Topic we have continued learning about Knights and Castles.

We have learnt about what it would be like to train to be a knight and what the Knights code was. 

We also thought about how we are as brave as knights.

We then thought about what it would be like to live in a castle.  



We read a story of Eric the knight who found a map which led him to a special sword and then we draw our own maps.


We then had a go at making our own castles.



Children also made up their own challenges.

Lenny made a rain catcher

Seth made his own snowflakes.

Lila draw her giant unicorn.

Wow what a busy week!!

Keep send your pictures on tapestry.

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Snow Day

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

We all had so much fun in the snow.

We made snowman and snow families,  We had snowball fights. We went sledging and sliding and made snow angels.

Some of us even helped shovel the snow off the drives and footpaths.

Here are some pictures.





Hope you are all warm and dry now.

Stay safe.

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week 2 live learning

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

It has been another busy week. It has been lovely to see you all attending the online sessions we are doing again.

we have looked at 2 new sounds in our phonics lessons 'ai' and 'ee'. here is some of the lovely work you have done with this.


   We loved the way we used the snow to make our sounds                                                            

In Maths this week we have looked at doubling and halving. You all did some amazing work with this well done.


We also had a go at 1 more and 1 less and also some addition.


Our story relating to our topic was Eric the knight and we all enjoyed the story and writing and drawing pictures about him including a really good story map.


Please remember to keep your eyes open for stories uploaded to tapestry!

We look forward to seeing all your snowy pictures, snowmen and other things that you have been up to over the next week!

Stay Safe

Reception team.

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Week 1 of live lessons

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

Week 1 of live online lessons

It has been a very busy week and well done to all the children joining in with the live lessons, it is a new way of working and you are doing a great job. We are all learning about teams together.

We have recapped qu, ch, th, sh in our phonics and joined in with lots of writing during the live lessons and some sheets and writing practice after them too.


We have looked at the number 6 in our maths lessons and learnt about hexagons, cubes and cuboids and all about their properties.

We enjoyed making 6 in different ways and looking at part part whole.


And went on a shape hunt and made towers of cubes and cuboids.


In Literacy/Topic we have talked about what we did over Christmas and how we celebrated.


We have set ourselves some goals for 2021.


We have learnt about winter and how our world changes and written about it.


And we have introduced our new topic.

Was it fun to be a knight of the round table? Some of us thought it would be but some thought it wouldn't.

Lila Thought it would be because she would ride a horse were as Lenny thought it wouldn't because you have to fight people.

We showed off our Art work to create a castle or knight.


Wow what a busy week. 

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Online live lessons

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

Well Done to all the children who are logging on to online lessons. We are having lots of fun and you are using teams really well.

We have lots of lovely work coming through on tapestry and I will add some photos soon.  Don't forget tomorrows live lessons at 9.30, 10.30 and 1.15 and story at 3.00.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

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Reception Blog - 2019-20

weeks 2&3 in school

Anna Head (a.head) on: Reception Blog - 2019-20

In school for weeks 2 and 3 we have been continuing our learning of phonics and maths.

We have also looked at life cycles of animals.  In the last two weeks we have learnt about an elephant and also a hen. We have learnt their lifecycles and also how to draw them.


We have also made fathers day cards for our Dads/Grandads. Hope you all had a lovely day.


The children have also been accessing the play provision inside.


We have been blessed with some lovely dry weather and so the children have enjoyed playing outside too, even exploring the field area again.



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