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 Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

Welcome to Reception 

We have two classes in Reception:

Class RS: Mrs Smart

Class RT: Mrs Turner 


PE Day: Wednesday/Thursday


Please check this page regularly for updates on what we have been doing in class during the week, important updates and reminders and information about upcoming topics and events.

Reception Blog

Jubilee Day

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

The children had a fun week in school doing all things Jubilee. They decorated Flags, made their own paper plates to eat a jubilee lunch on and even made their own crown. The children had also been given a little wooden figure to decorate which was being placed in the village ready for the Jubilee celebrations that are taking place.


The children had a lovely picnic lunch before heading into the hall to share with the rest of KS1 their crowns but also the union jack flag they had made with the key things we know about British Values. The children listened what years 1 and 2 had learnt before singing the National Anthem. We had been practising this in singing assembly and it was really lovely to hear the 3 year groups all singing together. 


The children then went down to place the wooden figurines in the ground for all the village to see.


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sp1 week 5

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

This week we saw the celebration of the Lunar new year! Hope you all who celebrate the Lunar New Year had a great time! Our activities around the classroom and outside have had this theme to immerse the children of the celebration. We also watched a short video of a Chinese family getting prepared to celebrate.

The children have made dragons in the play dough and compared the lengths of them. They also made dragons in the finger gym using scissors to spiral the tail.


We have also tried some Chinese writing in both the paint area and writing area. In the making area we have made Chinese lanterns and decorated them.


Outside the children have had fun playing with the various toys. Some girls enjoyed having races on space hoppers whilst others just enjoyed playing with the airplane and airport.


For maths this week we have returned to using a part whole model which helps the children split a given number down into 2 and then say a number sentence.


In our topic/literacy lesson the children have really enjoyed testing materials to see which would make a superhero cape. We have tested cloth, paper, plastic bags, tin foil and cling film. We tested them by dropping them, putting water on them, ripping them and then rubbing them with a stone. We showed the children how to make it a fair test by keeping the same amount of drops of water, height from dropping, and how many times rubbed. We then used this data to decide. Ask your child which material won!


A massive well done to our stars this week and wow more house point winners!


Also, a big shout out to the fantastic children who reached the prize level on the reading ladder! Keep up the good work and let’s see who else can get a prize by reading ten times at home. We are all off the mark and in the race to the top!

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sp1 week4

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

And so we end week 4 of this half term already. Outside the children found that the climbing frame had pictures of flames and fire. The children really enjoyed making fire engines and all the loose parts to pretend to extinguish them.


In literacy we have been using descriptive words about the evil pea and also Supertato.

I think the children have had an amazing time in maths this week with tally charts but also inputting the data on to pictograms on the iPad. The children managed to use their log on and purple mash to use the program for Maths.


The children have had fun sorting materials, making masks. Some children have made clay hedgehogs.


We have noticed that some of our children are getting sore hands from all the washing we are still consistently doing, we have reminded them of the importance of drying them properly because this is maybe one of the reasons why.

We have started our reading ladder where the children move up when they have read at home, at certain rungs of the ladder the children will get a treat.

In the homework this week we have sent home a laminated piece of paper with the letter formation on and a white board pen, this is to keep at home and practice starting at the dots and following the arrows the right way so we know they are forming them correctly.

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Sp1 week 3

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

A different atmosphere in school this week now Ofsted has been.

Our activities in class have been around Supertato, we have made traps, to trap the evil pea using junk modelling equipment, hole punching and attaching parts with treasury tags.


We have printed using vegetables in our painting area.

In maths we have looked at counting on where we add by putting one number in our heads and then counting on from that given number.


In literacy we have written our favourite parts of the story. We are continuing with our phase 3 sounds, these comprise of digraphs and trigraphs, the children have started to read sentences with words that contain these as well as writing. Two of our literacy lessons this week we looked at Materials, we named different materials and the things we knew that were made out of these. Ask your child about what they know about Material.


Finally I am asking again because the weather is getting colder we need the children to be in appropriate coats, gloves, scarfs and hats, but we also need the children to be as independent as possible with this please. Can we ask you to keep practising zipping coats up, when having to zip 40 coats up before an outdoor session doesn't leave long to explore outside. Also can we ask that we name all belongings, we are finding problems when looking for children's belongings at the end of the day to return to the rightful owner.

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sp1 week 2

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

Another busy week this week, we have looked at the beginning or our Topic. We have read the story of Supertato and the children have been busy drawing characters from the story and also a story map recalling the story.


In maths this week we have started looking at the number 7 and the stories around 7. We also touched on odd and even numbers, working out which have a pair and make them even and which ones don't.


In our outdoor area the children have used the loose parts to make traps to capture the evil pea. We have looked at floating and sinking in the water trays inside and out testing different objects. We have looked at ice and how it feels and how it can melt or react when melted.


We ended up with our celebration assembly which really, we would have loved to give everyone a certificate.



I always finish with some reminders:

This week I am putting up the numbot website again that the children can visit to help with Maths but also with a fun element in it to build robots. I will include the Oxford Owl website where we can access reading books for the children, we are on Level 3a/3b.

Have a lovely weekend and any questions please ask at the door on a morning or on an evening.

Log ins are in the back of their reading records.

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Reception Blog - 2019-20

weeks 2&3 in school

Anna Head (a.head) on: Reception Blog - 2019-20

In school for weeks 2 and 3 we have been continuing our learning of phonics and maths.

We have also looked at life cycles of animals.  In the last two weeks we have learnt about an elephant and also a hen. We have learnt their lifecycles and also how to draw them.


We have also made fathers day cards for our Dads/Grandads. Hope you all had a lovely day.


The children have also been accessing the play provision inside.


We have been blessed with some lovely dry weather and so the children have enjoyed playing outside too, even exploring the field area again.



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