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 Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

Welcome to Reception 

We have two classes in Reception:

Class RS: Mrs Smart

Class RT: Mrs Turner 


PE Day: Wednesday/Thursday


Please check this page regularly for updates on what we have been doing in class during the week, important updates and reminders and information about upcoming topics and events.

Reception Blog

week 6

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

Over this week we have looked at the number 3 again and why certain things can be 3,like tricycle,triangle.

We have added some more sounds and harder to read and spell words, please again keep practising these because they are making progress.


We looked at some musical instruments in our music lesson. We played quietly and loudly, quickly and slowly. We got a box of new instruments from Artforms which deliver music and arts.The children took turns to play a different instrument. The children listened to instruction really well.


In our literacy lesson the children have done some writing about what they did at the weekend. There was some lovely work.


We have had a technology lesson this week aswell where we have shown the children how to log in independently to our desk tops so the children can access this their selves.

We have been doing repeating patterns, looking at observing conkers as well as lots of other things.


Some children have recieved 50 house point certificates, Well done to them. Two children also got certificates from the lunch time supervisor for good manners. We also have our stars of the week this week. Well done to all our children we are really proud of you for how well you are doing and what you are achieving.


One week to go before half term.

Please can we ask that you make sure your reading and recording in your reading diary every time you do some reading as we have had to send same books back home because we didn't know if they had been read to.

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week 5

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

Some Autumn activities going on this week.

We have used cotton buds to dot autumn leaves onto trees.


We have had coloured leaves to place on the numbered tree, placing the correct amounts to the correct numeral.

We have looked at the number 3, the children have begun saying number sentences relating to 3. Some children have formed three using the rhyme, around the tree, around the tree, that is the way we make a 3.


More sounds and harder to read and spell words have been added to our wall. We are proud of how much progress the children seemed to be making.

We have drawn pictures to represent what the signs of autumn are and some children have attempted to label them.

Can we ask that you keep practising the letter sounds that are sent home along with the action words. The action words are helping the children to sight read certain words so when they eventually come up in a book they will be easily spotted and help the reading be more fluent.

We have managed to get into our mud exploration area too this week which turned out quite muddy and fun. Some of the children explored this area whether making mud pies or just generally jumping in the soggy mud. It would be really helpful if you could help your child with zips, they can then access the mud suits independently.


These a few other pictures of some of the things we have been doing within the classroom.


We have a star of the week, each week. Here are our stars this week!


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Week 4

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

On a morning our children now come into school and write their name on a slip of paper and put it into a coloured pot which represents our zones of regulation where the children decide how they are feeling. This helps us to find any issues with our children and address them straight away as well as monitoring the childs well being throughout the day.

As a class we have also produced a piece of work for our class news wall. This first piece is a picture of ourselves and or name writing. This will be updated every half term and will show the progression of the childrens writing.


We have covered a lot this week. We have looked at the number 2, the different ways 2 is made, why things are 2, what a 2p coin looks like.

In our topic we have moved on to what we can do as a child and how it is different from being a baby.

We have also added some more phonemes to the ones we learnt last week. Ask your child what they are, maybe how they are formed. We have also learnt some harder to read and spell words, which we have to just read on sight because they can’t be sounded out. The new phonemes have been sent home to help practice the sounds and also some handwriting sheets that the children can practise the formation on.



Included in the photographs are some of the children’s writing and also some of the children reading within the phonics lesson itself.


Along with the learning photos I have included some photos of the children in provision.


We ask you if you could talk to your child about what they have learnt through the week so that they can remember and embed that learning.

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Week 2 - 3

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

We hope your child has settled into school well.


 Has your child spoke to you at all about what we have learnt?


We have started to look at some letter sounds. We have done ' s,a,t,p'. We have learnt how to say the phoneme (sound) and looked at the grapheme (how to write it). We have done a lot of robot talking blending, where we use our arm actions to segment the words down clap hands together to blend.

In our topic we have started to talk about babies and what babies do and how they are different. We have looked at our baby photos and spoke to a grown up about what is different.


In our maths lesson we have started right back to number 1 where we talk about what we have 1 of, what 1 looks like.


We have coloured ourselves and wrote our name for the display wall outside our classroom showing everyone who we are.

Here are some more photos of the other things we have been up to.


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Reception 21/22 Our first week

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

We have been very excited about getting to know each other. We have spent our time exploring and playing in all our areas inside as well as outside.


We found out about what we do at snack time as well as where we have our lunch.



We have compiled our class promise and learnt about active listening on the carpet. See if your child can tell you our song for listening!

Here are a few photos of us all enjoying our first couple of days with a selection of photos of the activities on offer this week.



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Reception Blog - 2019-20

weeks 2&3 in school

Anna Head (a.head) on: Reception Blog - 2019-20

In school for weeks 2 and 3 we have been continuing our learning of phonics and maths.

We have also looked at life cycles of animals.  In the last two weeks we have learnt about an elephant and also a hen. We have learnt their lifecycles and also how to draw them.


We have also made fathers day cards for our Dads/Grandads. Hope you all had a lovely day.


The children have also been accessing the play provision inside.


We have been blessed with some lovely dry weather and so the children have enjoyed playing outside too, even exploring the field area again.



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