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 Nurture, Aspire, Achieve

Welcome to Reception 

We have two classes in Reception:

Class RS: Mrs Smart

Class RT: Mrs Turner 


PE Day: Wednesday/Thursday


Please check this page regularly for updates on what we have been doing in class during the week, important updates and reminders and information about upcoming topics and events.

Reception Blog

Last week of home Learning WC 01.03.21

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

We have had another busy fun filled week of home learning.

This week in phonics we have learnt 3 new phonemes and 2 new tricky words.  We are now very close to the end of phase 3.

We learnt, oi, ure, ear  and the tricky words so and said



In maths we have looked at the number 9 and different ways of making 9, as well as square numbers, 1,4,9 and begun our work on sharing.




In topic we have introduced our new question:

Are all life cycles the same?

We have looked at what life cycles are, what the human life cycle is like and then learnt about the life cycle of the butterfly.



We have also read the story of the Cautious Caterpillar and talked about things we might be worried about.  Some children are worried their uniform wouldn't fit or that their new shoes might hurt their feet, but generally everyone is excited to be going back to school on Monday and seeing all their friends.


We even had a special guest open one of our life lessons and Shambhavi was so excited about it she wrote a special note for her dad.

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Home learning WC 22.02.21

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

We have all had a great half term and come back to live lessons ready to learn.

In literacy we have written our news about the half term and made sure we used smiley sentences



Then we talked about our pets and how we have to look after them to keep them safe and well.




Then we have ended the week learning about how to keep ourselves safe on the internet, and made posters to remind ourselves.



We also looked at our school agreement.

In Phonics we have learnt 2 new phonemes, ur and ow.


We also learnt 2 new tricky words, they and all. We loved playing tricky word hunt and found words all over pour homes.  We also lost a few words we couldn't find any more.  We are still looking.


In maths we have been learning about measuring and using the language of measure.  We tried not to use big and small but used, Long, longer longest, short shorter, shortest and tall, taller, tallest.

We compared the size of things then had fun measuring using bricks.



Well also learnt about tallying so we could see what our favourite pets where. 

What a brilliant week. We are seeing more sunshine and spotting signs of spring.

One more week or home learning then maybe we can all meet back in school.

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Home learning WC 01.02.21

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

Another very busy week,

In phonics this week we have been learning another two phonemes ar and or.  We have been reading words and sentences as well as writing them.



In maths we have been learning about number 8 and addition and even solving missing number problems.

Phoebe enjoyed our snow day and made 8 snowmen that  she then threw snowball at to knock them off, what a great game.

 George made a number 8 snowman, "he has 8 carrots, 2 for arms, and 6 on his head for eyes, nose, mouth and ears. 2 and 6 makes 8 he told us".


In Literacy/Topic we have been answering our half terms topic question and thinking about if it really would be good to be a knight of the round table as 



We also found out about King Arthur and his round table.  We learnt about his story and how he was given the round table as a wedding gift. 



We also made some more castles.


We also thought about our feelings in Mental health week and joined in with different activities including being kind, being mindful and listening to calming music.  We all enjoyed looking at old photos and even found ones that showed we have visited castles.


We have loved learning all about what castles where like to live in and what ir would be like to be a knight.  Most of us decided we wouldn't want to be a knight of the round table.  I wonder what you think?

This week Lydia even found time to make buns.

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In school learning

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

Wow such lovely work from all our home learners. Well done to all you that are completing the work.

In school we also have been really busy doing the same lessons and also the same work as home learning.

We have done lots of phonics work looking at our digraphs and trigraph.


In maths we have looked at subtraction, number 7, time and now beginning to look at the number 8.


We have had so much fun in the literacy lessons learning about knights. We have built castles from various things including numicon, playdough and loose parts.

We all made a crown to wear and have also used our cutting skills to make split pin knights.






We made Eric the Knight, Jam sandwiches which we followed instructions to make We enjoyed eating them too whilst watching Mike the knight on Friday afternoon.




We then had some cold days where we explored ice and also a snow day in school where a few children that we had left, had fun building a snowman as well as exploring the field and generally having a fun time. We did warm up after with sneaky hot chocolate and a film until parents managed to pick us up.




We miss all our friends at home but stay safe and we hope to be all back in school together soon,

Mrs Sturgess 


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Week Beginning 25.01.21

Janet Spencer (j.spencer) on: Reception Blog

Wow Everyone is working so hard.

We are really impressed with how many children are login in to all our live lessons each day. It is great to see you all.

This week as been another full week and we have learnt:

Phonics, the 2 oo sounds, long oo, "poo at the zoo" and the short oo "look at a book". We have been reading and writing using both of them. then practicing all our tricky words both reading and writing them.


In Maths we have been learning about the language of time. We have order the days of the week and our day and made sure we are using the words, first, next, then, finally to describe what we have been doing.


In Literacy/Topic We have read a princess diary and had a go at writing our own. We have made Eric the knight Jam sandwiches and looked at writing instructions on how we did it. We looked at non fiction texts to see how they are different and found out information about banquets and live in the castle from them.  We then had a look at home to see if we have any non fiction books with contents pages in them.




We have also been up to other things,

Seth made some lovely flap jack and has promised the teachers he will make some for us when we are back in school. We can't wait.


Others have been continuing with their weapons and coats of arms from last week.


Well Done Everyone! 

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Reception Blog - 2019-20

weeks 2&3 in school

Anna Head (a.head) on: Reception Blog - 2019-20

In school for weeks 2 and 3 we have been continuing our learning of phonics and maths.

We have also looked at life cycles of animals.  In the last two weeks we have learnt about an elephant and also a hen. We have learnt their lifecycles and also how to draw them.


We have also made fathers day cards for our Dads/Grandads. Hope you all had a lovely day.


The children have also been accessing the play provision inside.


We have been blessed with some lovely dry weather and so the children have enjoyed playing outside too, even exploring the field area again.



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